Esperanto at Stanford University

Classes in Conversational Esperanto, The International Language

Free and open classes Tuesday evenings, 6:30 to 8:30pm, during the Academic year.

Winter 2016 last class is March 8!
Spring 2016 First Class March 29
(Just to add confusion, the I-Center calendar won't be working until March 29!)
April 5th will be elsewhere due to the I-Center being otherwise occupied!
Spring 2016 Last class June 7!
You can join at any time, but please see below for instructions.

Please check the International center's event calendar to make sure our classes are happening!

When classes have started, feel free to begin, any time! Just, please, send an email first, and print the lessons for your own reference in class, or bring a laptop (or other wi-fi enabled device - there is free wi-fi for all) to follow along.

Conversational Esperanto, The International Language, is a class that is open to Stanford students and the general public. We meet Tuesday evenings from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at the International Center on the Stanford University campus during the academic year (minus the usual holidays and breaks). This class is free if taken for no credit. Stanford students who would like to take the course for 2 credits per quarter may do so by jumping through many administrative hoops (please ask if you are serious). Students taking the class for credit must come to classes (of course) but everyone else is free to drop-in at any time. Even 4 lessons are enough to get more than just the basics.

You can join the class any time during the year, but please contact me first, so i can be ready with the proper materials.

If you'd like to be on a low-traffic e-mail list of events and discussion for the Esperanto-Stanford Community, please join us!.

GUARANTEE of learning the language in a year!


Homework (you must do this to validate the guarantee)

Directions may or may not help you to find us at this never-without-construction University.

Materials required for the class.

Printable reference material lessons, samples, handouts, etc. BEFORE COMING TO CLASS, please print the appropriate lessons. If it is your very first class, please print the pronunciation guides, and all of Lesson Zero.

The Payoff for learning is your ability to make contact with the whole world.

I have been teaching this course at Stanford's International Center since, at least, 1990. If you want to know a bit about me, then please look at my home page. If you have any further questions. please feel free to contact me using Stanford ( @Esperanto.Org ).

2008 - UNESCO's International Year of Languages!

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