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Past Events from 2003

This is a list of events that were in our events calendar in 2003. We've listed them so you can see the kinds of events that happen around the world for Esperanto-speakers. To see upcoming events, see our main events page.
  • 3rd Spring Esperanto Meeting at NCSSM

  • Esperanto and the Internet (by TEJO)
    • TEJO seminar on communication and cooperation through the Internet
    • TEJO is looking to hold a seminar in Boston during the Easter holidays. If you are interested or want to help organize, join the mailing list.
    • Held in Boston, Massachusetts, USA
    • 18-26 April 2003
    • More information

  • 19th Australian Esperanto Summer Courses (by AEA)
    • An international Esperanto summer school similar to the NASK which occurs in the US
    • Held in Parkville, Victoria, Australia
    • 5-17 April 2003
    • Contact Jennifer Bishop for more information

  • International Spring Weekend (PSI, by GEA)
    • This is an Esperanto gathering for the entire family. Many parents of Esperanto-speaking children bring them here to play with other young speakers.
    • Held in Bonn, Germany
    • 14-21 April 2003

  • International Youth Festival (IJF, by IEJ)
    • Topic: "Between globalization and localism: What identity for youth?"
    • Held in Savona, Italy
    • 16-22 April 2003

  • Mexican National Convention of Esperanto (NAKE, by MEF)
    • Theme: "First Century of Esperanto in Mexico"
    • Held in Mexico City, Mexico
    • 1-5 May 2003

  • 3rd Esperanto Bicycling Weekend (SEBO, by ESK)
    • A weekend Esperanto event built around the Bike Festival in Montreal. Friday night and Sunday morning are opportunities to join other Esperanto-speakers for city-wide bike rides amidst tens of thousands of people. Non bicyclers are still welcome to participate in walking tours of the city.
    • Held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    • 6-8 June 2003
    • Contact Normand Fleury for more information

  • Summer Esperanto School
    • A week of beginner and advanced classes, seminars for teachers, and a cultural program
    • Held in Chachak, Yugoslavia
    • 23-30 June 2003
    • Contact Radojica Petrovic for more information

  • 2nd European Youth Gathering (REJo)
    • Held in Kiev, Ukraine
    • 30 June - 6 July 2003
    • Contact Mikaelo Lineckij for more information

  • US National Esperanto Convention (by ELNA)
    • Held in Boston, Massachusetts, USA
    • 3-6 July 2003
    • Concerts by Esperanto musicians JoMo and Kimo!
    • More information available on the convention website.

  • North American Esperanto Summer Courses (NASK)

  • 24th Meeting of Esperanto Families (REF)

  • International Esperanto Youth Congress (IJK, by TEJO)
    • Held in Lesjöfors, Sweden
    • 19 - 26 July 2003

  • International Language Course (ILK, by TEJO and SEJO)
    • Happening at the same time and place as the IJK (see above), but for beginners, and with much lower registration costs!
    • If you want to learn Esperanto while enjoying a vacation in Sweden, or wanted to attend IJK, but didn't think your Esperanto skills were up to it, this is your opportunity!
    • Held in Lesjöfors, Sweden
    • 19 - 26 July 2003

  • World Esperanto Congress (UK, by UEA)
    • Held in Göteborg, Sweden
    • 26 July - 2 August 2003
    • Can't attend? Participate in the Virtual UK!

  • 16th International Youth Week (IJS, by HEJ)
    • Theme: "The world — is a giant theater!"
    • Held in Gyor, Hungario
    • 4-10 August 2003

  • Western Summer Esperanto Youth Camp (OkSEJT, by REJM)
    • Held in Kostroma, Russia
    • 4 - 12 August 2003

  • Communal Seminar of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Youth (KS, by JEJ, ĈEJ, KEJ)
    • This yearly event brings together young Esperanto speakers from China, Japan, and Korea.
    • This year, the seminar will be held at the same time as the Chinese Esperanto Convention and the first International Esperanto-Tourism Festival of China, making it an attractive event!
    • Held in Yanji, Jilin Province, China
    • 15 - 18 August 2003
    • More information
    • Contact Li Jundao for more information

  • FESTO (by JEFO)
    • Held in Paimpol, Breton, north-west France
    • 23 - 30 August 2003

  • Northwest Regional Esperanto Conference (NOREK, by KEA)
    • Held in Sidney, British Columbia, Canada
    • 5 - 7 September 2003
    • Contact KEA or Wally Du Temple for more information

  • 10th International Esperanto Weekend (ISE, by ESK and ESNE and ESNY)
    • Held at the Okemo Ski Resort in Ludlow, Vermont
    • 11-13 October 2003
    • Contact William Harris or Normand Fluery for more information.
    • Photos and accounts of Okemo 2001 and 2002 are available on our photo page.

  • 8th Language Festival in Cheboksary
    • Held in Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic, Russia
    • 17-19 October 2003

  • All-Texas Esperanto Convention
    • Held in Austin, Texas, USA
    • 8 November 2003

  • 47th International Seminar (IS, by GEJ)
    • Held in Naumburg, Germany
    • 27 December 2003 - 3 January 2004