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Other Esperanto Sites of Interest

    Special Interest

  • ELNA -- Esperanto League for North America

  • NASK -- North American Summer Esperanto Courses, held every year with an international group of teachers and students, now in its 34rd year

  • Pasporta Servo -- a hospitality network for Esperanto-speakers
  • Esperanto Panorama -- photos of international Esperanto gatherings, links to online chat sites, calendar of events, and more
  • Koresponda Servo -- a listing of people seeking pen-pals in Esperanto
  • International Esperanto Bicyclist Organization (BEMI)

  • Ĝangalo -- Esperanto web portal, with daily news and updates, links, downloads, etc
  • Volapüg'! -- online humor and comics magazine (the Mad Magazine of the Esperanto community)
  • Vikipedio -- online (communally edited) encyclopedia in Esperanto

  • Esperanto Music

  • The Prism of Languages -- a multilingual website about linguistic diversity, with facts abouts languages and alphabets, stories about linguistic and cultural equality, and strategies for interlingualism (coming soon)

  • LiveJournal Esperanto Community

    Learning Resources

  • Lernu! -- a highly-recommended website for learning Esperanto online, with courses for different levels, audio, flashcards for building vocabulary, instant messenger for communicating with others who are learning, and more
  • Kurso de Esperanto -- multimedia course for Windows with pronunciation exercises and music (translated into 11 languages!)
  • Esperanto Viva! -- a free online course that gives you a taste of the Esperanto community while you learn the language; and a personal tutor can correct your exercises by email
  • Free Esperanto Email Course -- sign up to be tutored by email!
  • Free Esperanto Email Course -- all ten lessons in downloadable form
  • ELNA Correspondence Courses -- home study courses, with books, cassettes, and a personal tutor
  • Gerda Malaperis -- a mystery story for beginners with vocabulary and exercises for each chapter (a tutoring service is available)

  • -- a catalog of materials for teaching Esperanto with links to online learning resources
  • AATE/AAIE -- American Association of Teachers of Esperanto

    Other Esperanto youth groups on the Web:

  • TEJO -- World Esperanto Youth Organization
  • National and Interest Organizations under TEJO

  • DENASK-L -- Mailing list for multilingual families which speak Esperanto at home
  • Esperanto Scouts League -- An organization for boy and girl scouts who speak Esperanto (old website)

    The Americas

  • Amerika Komisiono de UEA -- Pan-American Commision of the World Esperanto Association
  • Amikoj Tra Ameriko -- Pan-American Esperanto Youth Organization
  • BEJO -- Brazilian Esperanto Youth Organization
  • ABEJA -- Active Bogota Esperanto Youth Association
  • JEK -- Canadian Esperanto Youth
  • KEJO -- Esperanto Youth Organization of Quebec
  • SpE -- Society for Esperanto at MIT (university)


  • HKJEA -- Hong Kong Esperanto Youth Association
  • JEJ -- Japanese Esperanto Youth
  • NEJO -- Nepalese Esperanto Youth Organization


  • AEJ -- Austrian Esperanto Youth
  • BEJ -- Belarussian Esperanto Youth
  • FLEJA -- Belgian Esperanto Youth Association
  • JEB -- British Esperanto Youth
  • FEJO -- Finnish Esperanto Youth Organization
  • JEFO -- French Esperanto Youth Organization
  • GEJ -- German Esperanto Youth
  • KEJ -- Catalan Esperanto Youth
  • HEJ -- Hungarian Esperanto Youth
  • IEJ -- Italian Esperanto Youth
  • KEJA -- Croatian Esperanto Youth Association
  • LEJL -- Lithuanian Esperanto Youth League
  • NEJ -- Dutch Esperanto Youth
  • NJE -- Norwegian Esperanto Youth
  • PEJ -- Portuguese Esperanto Youth
  • REJM -- Rusian Esperanto Youth Movement
  • EJOdeRS -- Esperanto Youth Organization of the Republic of Srpska
  • SerbEJO -- Serbian Esperanto Youth Organization
  • SEJU -- Swedish Esperanto Youth Union
  • JES -- Swiss Esperanto Youth