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Esperanto Fonts

The Esperanto alphabet consists of 22 letters from the Latin alphabet plus 6 additional characters which are Latin letters with accent marks over them. These characters are often not available in computer systems which were designed for English. When a suitable font is not available, many Esperanto-speakers place the letter "x" or "h" or the symbol "^" next to a letter to represent the accent. However, this is just a work-around. To show the real characters, special fonts are needed. The two most-commonly used types of fonts are Latin-3 and Unicode.

Latin-3 (ISO-8859-3) fonts are able to display a wide number of European accented letters, including the Esperanto characters. However, Latin-3 fonts have to be downloaded and set-up by the user. On the other hand, Unicode fonts are automatically supported by most current web browsers.

The USEJ web page can be displayed in Unicode or using the x-method of indicating accents. To switch between the two formats, click on Unikodo or X-metodo in the upper left corner of the Esperanto pages.

The following websites explain Esperanto fonts and how to download them:

To use Esperanto letters in your own documents, some of the following tools might be helpful: