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Photos of USEJ Members Using Esperanto

If you have photos to share of yourself or friends using Esperanto at an Esperanto convention, in the home of a Pasporta Servo host, with Esperanto-speakers in a town you were just passing through, or even at a local club meeting, contact us and we will add them to our page.
  • The International Esperanto Weekend (aka Okemo) is an annual autumn event of the Quebec Esperanto Society and the New York and New England societies. This is a great event for young speakers, who usually pile up into one of the lodges at night, light a fire, and chat and play until the middle of the night. Enrique Ellemberg has collected details and pictures from Okemo 2001 and Okemo 2002. Pictures from 2002 are also online thanks to John Spickes, Martin Benoit, and Clay Smith.

  • Young Esperanto speakers from throughout the northeast gathered spontaneously in New York in the first weekend of October 2001. The event started on Friday when everyone gathered at the Esperanto Cafe in Greenwich Village. Pictures from the event are online here.

  • Hundreds of young Esperanto-speakers from all continents of the world descended on Strasbourg, France, for the 2001 International Youth Convention (IJK). Strasbourg houses both the Council of Europe and the parliament of the European Union, making it an appropriate international meeting place. More than half a dozen USEJ members attended. See if you can spot them in this collection of photos from the 57th IJK.

    More than a dozen US and Canadian Esperanto-speakers attended IJK 2003 in Lesjöfors, Sweden. See if you can spot them in these photos from the 59th IJK.

  • Board members Amanda Higley and Jacob Schwartz represented USEJ at the 5th All-Americas Esperanto Convention in Mexico City, where there was a significant youth presence. Pictures and accounts of the emotionally moving event have been collected on the web by Enrique Ellemberg.

  • Despite being announced on short notice, the Northeast Esperanto Youth Weekend (Nordorienta Junulara Esperantista Semajnfino, NO-JES) in Boston, March 2001, was a lot of fun and we have the pictures to prove it, thanks to James Russell and Conrad Cook.

  • The North American Esperanto Summer Courses (NASK) are an excellent way for USEJ members to study Esperanto and to experience the international Esperanto community within their own country. Many USEJ members can be spotted in these pictures from NASK 2000, NASK 2001, NASK 2002, and NASK 2003.

  • Photos of Pasporta Servo hosts who hosted Amanda Higley during her 16-month trip through Europe using Esperanto.