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USEJ has two mailing lists. The first list, USEJ-Anoncoj, is an announcement list for official news from USEJ. The second list, USEJ-Diskuto, is a discussion list for young Esperantists. Both of the lists are hosted by Yahoo Groups.

If you have problems with these lists or you cannot use the subscription forms, please contact usej-kontakt [at] yahoogroups [dot] com.

Subscribe to USEJ-Anoncoj to receive announcements of upcoming Esperanto events, like courses, youth gatherings, etc. Only USEJ officers can email to this list.

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USEJ-Diskuto is a discussion list for young Esperantists from diverse parts of the country to stay in contact by email. Join the list and talk about your favorite Esperanto music, share photos from an Esperanto gathering you just attended, or listen to what others have to share!

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