San Francisco Esperanto Regional Organization

San Francisco Esperanto Regional Organization (SFERO)

The #Esperanto organization for Northern California from Fresno to the Oregon border.

SFERO exists to: further the study, practice, and use of the International Language, Esperanto; to give beginners and experienced speakers opportunities to hear and speak Esperanto; to present programs on topics of importance; and to welcome visiting Esperantists.

#Esperanto : Ĉu vi preferus legi ĉi tiun informon en Esperanto? Iru ĉi tien.

Want to learn Esperanto for free? By postal mail, ask for the free ten-lesson postal course. Be sure to include your name and street or PO box address. You can start learning Esperanto online, for free, right now, at, or by using the Duolingo app!


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You can receive the latest information about Esperanto in Northern California, and elsewhere, by subscribing to the internet mailing list esperanto-nordkalifornio.

type your e-mail address to join [esperanto-nordkalifornio]

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