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Photos of JES in NYC 2001

It started simply enough: a young Esperantist in Germany suggested to her US friends that they met up while she was in New York. They invited other friends, and soon it was a real event.

On Friday, the 31st of August, more than a dozen of us gathered in Cafe Esperanto, in Greenwich Village, and spent the evening chatting and drinking. (Photos of us squeezed into booths at the cafe are coming.)

Saturday, we met up in Bryant Park. Half went out shopping for picnic food, half stayed behind to learn yoga from Jed. As a group of students, spread out on the concrete, speaking Esperanto, and doing yoga, we attracted quite a few spectators.

After the park, we headed out to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where we spent the afternoon.

Walking to the Metropolitan

Meeting up on the steps of the Met at closing time

Sunday, we joined the local New York Esperanto group at their rendevous in Fort Tryon Park. The cafe where they normally meet was closed for renovations, so we sat outside and enjoyed the sun.

Since the cafe was closed, we went wandering into the city to find food and wound up at a Cuban restaurant where we had a great time and chatted it up with the staff.

After food, we wandered back to the park to see the cloisters, but it was closed, so we ended the day in a pleasant part of the park, overlooking the water.